Build Muscle Mass With Proper Nutrition : 10 Muscle Building Foods

Everyone knows it, but we still repeat it just in case – if you want to build muscle, you need to have the proper muscle nutrition! If you put the wrong kind of fuel in your car, it won’t run, and just like that if you don’t ingest the right nutrients in your body it won’t build more muscle. So, let’s look at some foods and supplements that will buff you up and you should definitely consider putting in your nutrition plan.


#1. FISH is a really important muscle building food which should be consumed twice per week. It has a lot of protein and omega 3 fatty acids which will help your body in all kinds of ways.

#2. EGGS have a lot of protein as well as healthy fat, but they taste good too. Your muscles break them down easily, but remember – if you’re dieting, don’t eat the yolks, just the egg whites.

#3. QUINOA is a great natural source of protein and fiber which should be included in your diet.

#4. MIXED NUTS have a lot of protein as well as healthy fats, and you can utilize them to the fullest in a bulking diet. You can use all types of nuts, but if you can, stay away from the roasted and salted ones, opting for plain, non-cooked nuts instead.

#5. RED MEAT is a muscle nutrition food that has a lot of protein as well as essential vitamins and minerals. You need to eat red meat to satisfy your body’s need of iron as well.

#6. CHEESE should be included in your muscle nutrition because of its healthy fat and protein, but look for the ones that are low on calories!

#7. CHICKEN is rich in protein but low on calories which makes it perfect for both bulking and cutting weight, so include it in your muscle nutrition diet.


#8. PROTEIN POWDER delivers a large portion of protein to your muscles, helping them recover and build up. The best time to take one of these is after working out, in combination with some carbs.

#9.  MULTIVITAMINS are great at satisfying your body’s need for all vitamins, which can be a tricky thing to do, especially if you exercise on a regular basis.

#10. CALCIUM is necessary for strong, healthy bones, and especially necessary when you’re working out and your bones are under pressure.

All of these muscle nutrition foods and supplements will greatly benefit you and your efforts to finally reach those goals!

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