6 Simple Tips For Getting Lean This Summer!

Jonny Bowden is a weight loss expert with a master’s degree in psychology and nine books below his belt, including two best-sellers, “Living Low Carb” and “The 150 Healthiest Foods on Earth”. He’s always direct and brutal in his statements, but also highly professional and factual. His book, “The Great Cholesterol Myth” is about the historic progress of dietary recommendations in the past 30 years, such as lowering your animal fat intake, reducing saturated fat and hoarding grains and high-carb foods, and Mr. Bowden dismisses all of these as unhealthy. He says there are a great number of things we can do to keep lean and healthy, and we know what we should and should not be eating. Bowden revealed some things that might just change your approach towards weight loss and getting leaner. Let’s read what he has to say!

1. Training on an Empty Stomach Is Important!

Most bodybuilders are used to eating half an hour before a workout with at least 20 grams of protein and 20 to 40 grams of carbs to stop their muscles from breaking down, as well as provide energy during the last and most difficult sets. If this hasn’t workout out for you, Mr. Bowden says to skip the pre-workout meal and look back into history. Franco Columbu, Frank Zane and of course, Arnie, weren’t much for eating right before training. They didn’t have a PhD in physiology but they knew their way would burn more fat and they were, of course, right.

The best time to exercise when you want to burn fat is the morning after a night-long fast, which in turn resulted in low blood sugar. This is why Bowden says to not load up on carbs when you get to training – you’ll just burn them up! If you can’t train on an empty stomach, eat an orange or an apple, or even a scoop of whey protein shake with berries right before coming to the gym.

2. Don’t Eat Immediately After a Workout

Bowden says that the conventional wisdom of eating in the half an hour following your last set is useless, and here’s why: he says that we eat too much because of user error and our glycogen stores don’t get as depleted as you might think. We have a mechanism of compensation in our minds, where we’re hungry and we justify eating the extra calories because of that. Then, we eat way too much and go into calorie overload. However, to lose body fat and retain your muscles, you might be better off not eating right after working out, letting your body bust out those fat cells and use them for energy and repairs inside your body!

The classic argument against this is that you have to fill up your glycogen storage, which is not true because that storage has a capacity of 1800 calories which you can’t hope to burn in one workout. When it comes to dextrose, if your insulin resistance, metabolism and carb metabolism are fine, you will be fine eating some sugar after a workout too. Most of the people don’t take this to heart and eat right after training anyway, but don’t do it – the effects are simply greater this time.

3. Saturated Fats Can Help!

Your body needs both saturated and unsaturated fats to keep itself in optimal form. If you put plenty of fats in your diet, your hair, skin and nails will look far better, as well as creating a platform for testosterone in her body. Bowden says that cavemen wouldn’t differentiate between low and high-fat foods, so they ate what they could find. So, if you’d like some eggs, coconut or some grass-fed beef, cook the ingredients right and enjoy your meal, but don’t put any more saturated fat into your diet, without avoiding where you can find it.

Bowden says that all fats aren’t created equal, dividing them into two categories – damaged and undamaged. If you go to any restaurant in the States, they’ll be using cheap omega-6 vegetable oil, corn oil or soybean oil, which damages really quickly. All of these oils are then used for an entire week before changing them, which creates carcinogenic chemicals and trans fat. Also, when you eat a lot of vegetable oil you plunge yourself in inflammation, which is a pretty significant part of having diabetes, cancer, obesity and Alzheimer’s. Omega-6 is an important piece of the puzzle of getting lean though, and  now we eat 16 more times omega-6 than omega-3. In order to get lean, get a diet that will counterbalance the inflamed region with their anti-inflammatory fats like omega 6 and omega 3.

4. Carbs Can Be Good!

If you’re doing a lot of training and you have a really strict diet without any real satisfactory progress, pay some more attention to the number of refined carbs you are consuming. People that tell you not to eat meat and saturated fat, while at the same time telling you that you should eat more carbs and turn into a fountain of Insulin. While carbohydrates have a great influence on your insulin levels, protein does not, and fat has absolutely no effect on insulin. So, here are some dietary recommendations which will include 65 things that raise your fat storage hormone, meaning he took some fat that can’t touch but didn’t interfere with insulin, instead having a neutral effect.

5. Relax!

A scientific research study at the University of San Francisco proved that when you put rats in a high-stress situation, they would use fatty and sugary foods to heal themselves – as comfort food! It calmed the rats down since it triggered the stress-related hormones release in the rats’ brain. Stress hormones send messages to the rest of your body, and one of those messages is telling your body to build more roads. The most effective studied way to reduce cortisol, as well as blood pressure level and stress, is to meditate! If you don’t want to recite a mantra and light some incense, you can do other activities to alleviate your stress, such as deep breathing, playing with an animal, making love, walking anywhere that’s greeny, volunteering and so on. Break the routine and remove yourself from it, along with your stress!

6. Forget the Six-Pack … For Now

Every person is different. Work ethic shifts, metabolisms shift radically and body types don’t really predetermine anything. The results might come faster or slower than normal, so don’t despair if they take a bit longer! If you just found out your goal is being realized longer than you anticipated, don’t let that get to you and keep on working out without cheat meals! People say that if they knew they’d never weigh less than now, they would quit the diet in despair, saying if they couldn’t lose any weight, this was all for nothing. Look at the advantages of being healthy though – you are more energetic, you live longer, your libido is high, your brain is healthier and your circulation is off the charts!

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